Value Travel: Reducing Costs Without Eliminating Quality

Value Travel: Reducing Costs Without Eliminating Quality

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In my Value Travel: Reducing Costs Without Eliminating Quality, I’ll give you numerous tips & strategies that will help you save money on all things travel such as flights, lodging, entertainment, museums & dining for decades to come. The book  will enhance, improve and lighten the expenses of your travel life FOREVER. My goal is to teach you to save a significant amount of money every time you travel. I hope this will allow you to embark on more frequent and gratifying journeys, through value travel and travel hacking.

Basically, you reduce the high costs of your trip by accumulating points and miles through credit card welcome bonuses.

Exchange them for free flights, accommodations, events and more! Sounds great, right? And credit card companies love your business.

Over 257 pages, I've also detailed some of my finest travel stories, mishaps, & lessons to show what traveling can do to your mind, soul, body and life. I aim to ignite inspiration, excitement & laughter so you start researching or reserving your next trip & have something to look forward to after you finish the book.

This e-book can be downloaded and read on any device; phone, tablet, computer and e-reader. There’s no cost of printing necessary, which is why you can buy the book for much less than the average hardcover out there!

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