About Grasshopper Greg

Sioux Falls

Enjoying an afternoon of serenity at Sioux Falls in Sioux Falls, SD.

Reading This Tells Me You Are Curious …. Hop On Board and Get Ready To Travel!  

I don’t travel frugally, but rather live a life of value travel where I save money without sacrificing upscale activities.

Travel hacking is one component of value travel. Basically, you reduce the high costs of your trip by accumulating points and miles through credit card welcome bonuses.

Exchange them for free flights, accommodations, events and more! Sounds great, right? And credit card companies love your business.

I am eager to share what I have learned and where I have been on this platform. As a result, I hope it will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.

I dare you to meet new people, further your interests, taste new foods, try new things, see new sights and learn about different cultures. Go on … it’s all just waiting for you to discover.

About Me

I am 25 years old and have been traveling for years. I have moved six times and noticed that each place that I have lived has a unique rhythm, history and culture.

When I was just a kid, I was a sports nut. I wanted to visit all of the stadiums and arenas in North America. I learned geography researching where each sports team was located.

My father taught me how to plan a trip, find transportation, compare accommodations, and establish a budget. We didn’t limit our road trips to sports – we sought other activities and points of interest along the way.

So my love for sports developed into a love for travel. And here we are…

Grasshopper Greg

The grasshopper uses its power in its legs to hop through its world. I am channeling that energy into my own spirit.

I have grown tremendously hopping from adventure to adventure. Hence, the name, Grasshopper Greg.

Value Travel Adventures and Inspiration, To Be Published in 2020

I recently finished writing a Value Travel Adventures and Inspiration book. It led me to undertake this new website, Grasshopper Greg, and share more of my journeys with you.

I hope you will be inspired and encouraged to act while drawing upon my ideas and proven techniques.

My Mission

My goal is to teach you to save a significant amount of money every time you travel. I hope this will allow you to embark on more frequent and gratifying journeys.

Value travel and travel hacking are integral elements and habits required for you to stretch the dollar on each trip, stay longer in each destination, and travel more often.

I am sharing my personal adventures on this website to help you reach your travel goals.

Read through my posts about my personal, real-life stories and use them to imitate, inspire, or plan your own trips.

If you have physical limitations that deter you from traveling, I have demonstrated how I overcome my own.

Life-threatening food allergies will keep many people home. I have not let my dairy allergy impede my adventures.

With some careful planning and preparation, it is possible to realize your desire to tour your state, the country, and even the globe!

Travel is One of Life’s Best Gifts – Do It Your Way 

I sometimes travel solo, and other times, I go with family or friends. My network of acquaintances and true friendships is constantly growing.

I am fortunate to now know incredible people across the country and around the globe who I can visit or meet up with to travel elsewhere together.

Follow My Lead – Let’s Connect, Be Friends, and Fill Our Lives With
Experiences and Memories by Beating the Expensive Costs of Travel

Please connect with me, as I would love to make a new friend, answer your questions and hear about your dreams!

This will be one heck of a ride! My intention is to get you excited to travel and find value in everything you wish to do.

I am excited to begin this journey with you.

Let’s do this.

-Grasshopper Greg